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The Value of Making Phone Service a Priority

By Jimmy Conner
Owner, Westminster CO Towing Service

telephoneRunning a 24-hour towing company is not easy. When I started Westminster Towing Service with a buddy from high school 12 years ago, it was just us. We answered every call – or, at least, tried to – and took on every job we could on our own.

Eventually our company grew to a point, where we could add employees, equipment and trucks. My buddy and I now only work about 10 hours most days.

We know we’re lucky. There are many more 1- and 2-man towing companies out there than those with a handful of employees or more.

When we were first starting off, our office phone forwarded to our cell phones when we were out and about. No matter what we were doing or what time it was, we made it a goal to answer as many calls as we could. Continue reading

The Value Of Giving On-Site Estimates

By Dave Madison
Owner, Cheektowaga, NY Plumbers

plumber water heaterAny plumber knows it is impossible to give an accurate quote over the phone. Sure, we can give rough estimates, but nothing exact.

Still, many plumbers attempt to give phone estimates. Problem is, such a practice leaves has the potential to leave a contractor in a major dilemma when the estimate is less than the cost to finish the project.

What should he do?

Charge the customer extra? Doing so, of course, will irritate the customer, burn an opportunity to do future work for them, and risk tarnishing your reputation in the community you serve. Continue reading

Pouring On Customer Service Combats Skepticism

By Rick Anderson
Owner, Best North Collins Movers

moversNo matter how great your customer service, all moving companies face natural skepticism from consumers.

A few bad apples in every area make it a challenge for the rest of us movers to build trust with the people we serve. One major issue is the governance of moving companies. Many states do not require licensing, which give movers license to do what they want. Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for movers to take off with a truckload of possessions to never return.

All moving companies and movers aren’t required to be insured either. Buyer beware. Continue reading

Biggest Factors In Building My Towing Company

towingBy James Carter, Owner Centennial CO Tow Truck

Back in 1993 when I began my towing company in suburban Denver, as a one-man operation with one truck, customer service was something I thought about a lot. Sure, it was important, but most of my attention was paid to getting enough work to pay the bills and invest in advertising to get more work.

Looking back, I had no idea how to run a business. What helped me get by was work ethic (I took great pride in being a 24-hour service) and treating people the right way. Continue reading


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